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Jordyn Therkildsen + Sarah Preston

Rotaract Club of Guelph holds an annual fundraiser, and plans are well underway for the 2018 event, to be held during "World Rotaract Week" in March.  President Sarah Preston and External Vice-President Jordyn Therkildsen will present their plans for this year's gala to us.

Feb 01, 2018 7:30 AM

16th Annual "Taste of Italy" Pasta Dinner Fundraiser

Feb 08, 2018 7:30 AM
Feb 09, 2018
5:30 PM – 8:30 PM


Geoff Vogt is nearing his one year anniversary as the Guelph YMCA-YWCA CEO, and will share what the Y is up to, where we are heading and the difference that our services are making in the lives of individuals and families in our community. 

Feb 15, 2018 7:30 AM

Chris Pilgrim

Newest member Chris Pilgrim will provide us with some insight into his life and commitment to service with Salvation Army....and now Rotary!

Feb 22, 2018 7:30 AM
Feb 27, 2018
5:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Every couple of months we have a meeting with no formal program - it gives everyone a chance to just enjoy each other's company.

Mar 01, 2018

Training for the Olympics

Sara is an accomplished local boxer and part-time University of Guelph Human Kinetics student.

Mar 08, 2018

Water Ambassadors Canada

In 2002, retired teachers Barry Hart and Heather Alloway heard a presentation about the desperate need for clean water around the world. Within a year they found themselves in a poor village in Guatemala with a team of like-minded people, drilling a well. Their passion grew from that experience and they founded LWI Canada which is now known as Water Ambassadors Canada (WAC).

Since then, hundreds of teams from across Canada have travelled to Central America, the Caribbean, Uganda, DR Congo, and Colombia to provide clean water solutions to those without.

Water Ambassadors Canada is a faith based, non profit, registered Canadian charity. We take Canadian teams to drill and repair wells, set up water purification systems, distribute water filters, and teach health and hygiene.

Mar 15, 2018

Rosemarie Coombs + Beth Harris

Rosemarie Coombs is passing the baton to Beth Harris, the new Executive Director for Michael House.  We'll get an update from them on the capital project underway at Michael House.

Mar 22, 2018

Gail Touchie

Puslinch-based "Scientists in School" provides young scientists from Kindergarten to Grade 8 with classroom workshops that are curriculum-aligned and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) focused. We extend science learning outside of the classroom with community-based workshops for ages 3-13 at camps, daycares, after-4 programs, libraries, and more. Our presenters bring subject expertise, discovery-based learning methodologies, and specialized materials and equipment making every workshop hands-on.

Mar 29, 2018

Caborca Mexico - Rotary Polio Immunization Days

Frank has done this trip for a second year now and will give the club members a presentation on this multi-District Rotary event.

Apr 05, 2018
Apr 05, 2018
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Volunteer Appreciation Brunch

This is the 3rd annual event to recognize 100 of the tireless volunteers within 10 organizations throughout Wellington County, who give so much of themselves and expect so very little in return.  In addition, the Rotary Club of Guelph South will be making donations to each of the selected organizations as a ‘thank you’ for everything that they give to those in need. At the 2017 event, $10,000 was distributed among the 10 volunteer organizations.

Apr 12, 2018
Apr 17, 2018
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Apr 18, 2018
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

200 Comfort Quilts Project

Royal City Quilters Guild members are making “comfort quilts” that bear the Rotary Club’s logo on back labels. They have finished 170 as of the end of 2017,  85% towards fulfilling their funded promise to deliver 200 comfort quilts.  Rotary Club of Guelph South is proud to sponsor their batting requirements towards these 200 comfort quilts.


Apr 19, 2018
Apr 22, 2018
12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

FOOD4KIDS for Guelph/Wellington/Dufferin

In Guelph-Wellington it’s estimated (and acknowledged by our local school boards) that 1,500 to 1,800 children in our local schools experience food insecurity in their homes – marginal, moderate or severe.  Food insecurity refers to inadequate or insecure access to food due to financial constraints.

Food4Kids Waterloo-Wellington provides packages of healthy food for kids aged 14 years and under with limited or no access to food each weekend.  Packages of healthy food are prepared by volunteers and delivered to schools each Friday to ensure children have nourishment over the weekend.

The four Guelph Rotary clubs, together with The SEED, have formed a steering committee to bring Food4Kids to Guelph-Wellington-Dufferin.  All four clubs have provided startup funding and The SEED is providing free space, purchasing power and logistics management.

Note: The SEED is a community food project of the Guelph CHC, a collaborative initiative of community partners in Guelph & Wellington with the shared vision of strengthening the local emergency food system, using the power of food to build healthy communities and addressing the underlying issues of food insecurity and poverty.

Tom Armitage (The SEED) is Distribution Co-ordinator, Garden Fresh Box Co-ordinator
Kelly Sue Oberle (Food4Kids Waterloo-Wellington) is Founder/Executive Director

Apr 26, 2018

Best Version Media

Leah DeSpiegelaere (pronouced “Duh-Spee-Gler”) came to Guelph back in 2000 to complete her Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing. After graduation she spent 7 years in Arts Administration helping theatres and orchestras sell subscription series tickets then moved on to corporate retail working for Cadillac Fairview shopping centres for another 6. Through the career transitions with different companies, Leah always found great joy in the connections that she made with and for the individuals that she encountered. And that is what she loves the most about the neighbourhood magazines she is currently producing … having the ability to connect residents in neighbourhoods with each other and with the local businesses that surround them.

In addition to the Guelph publications, Best Version Media magazines serve over 500 neighbourhoods in North America, 100 of which are in Canada. So, though Leah’s day-to-day work is extremely local, she does have the support of a larger organization behind her.

When you get your hands on the publication I’m sure you will think “Yes Leah, it is a magazine. I have seen a magazine it feels like a magazine and I’m sure it works just like a magazine.”  But today she will be sharing with us the many reasons why it is so different than what you have seen before.

May 03, 2018

Students from Bishop Macdonell Catholic Secondary School that we sponsored

May 17, 2018

Every couple of months we have a casual meeting, with no speaker or formal program, where everyone has an opportunity to enjoy each other's company!  We're so fortunate to have a club where everyone genuinely likes each other!

May 24, 2018
May 26, 2018
8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Youth Days of Action

Christine Oldfield is Executive Director of PIN (formerly Volunteer Centre of Guelph-Wellington) and will speak on the new special initiative they are launching called "Youth Days of Action".  It involves taking bus loads of students (25-50) to a local nonprofit or charity, to learn about what they do and to participate in a group volunteer activity.  Examples of group activities might be tree planting, sorting food at a food bank, yard work at Guelph/Wellington Women in Crisis etc.  The target audience of this initiative are students who are at risk of not graduating because of failure to meet the community service hours requirement.  The goal of the program is 3-fold:

  1. introduce students to places to volunteer in their community
  2. complete a portion of their required community service hours, and
  3. encourage a life long commitment to volunteering


May 31, 2018

2018-19 Budget Presentation; 2018-19 Committees

Treasurer Peter Clark will review the 2018-19 Budget approved by the Board of Directors on May 30th 2018.

President-Elect Linda Main will solicit recruits for the various Committees/Activities for the 2018-19 Rotary year.

Jun 07, 2018

Post Trauma Stress Interventions

Inspired Outcomes is Canada's NLP Centre for Healing Trauma & Breaking Through.
NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching is a different way of seeking positive change. It's a way of using your unconscious mind to change the way you feel, how you focus and the results you get!

If you've tried life coaching or counseling or therapy before, or you have a bookshelf full of personal growth books that haven't yet healed your pain or motivated you to succcess, NLP will help.  If you want to create better relationships and become more fulfilled as a person, NLP will help. If you want to experience yourself at your best, NLP will help. 

We provide one on one coaching and we also train professionals and coaches.  If you are interested in learning more about what NLP is and how it can help transform your life, come to one of our Destiny Weekends or call us to learn about our trainings. 

Allen Kanerva
Allen is a lifelong learner, blending life experience, education, highly focused training and effective tools & techniques in his coaching practice. Becoming a Master Coach and Trainer was a natural, organic progression. Today, he is driven to help people who feel constrained - by uncertainty, indecision, anxiety, anger and post traumatic stress.




Jun 14, 2018
Jun 19, 2018
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Tour de Guelph and Rotary International Convention!

Between the 5th Annual Tour de Guelph (which our Rotary Club co-sponsors) and the Rotary International Convention being held in Toronto - everyone is going to be too busy with Rotary events to meet this week.
Back at Springfield Golf & Country Club on Thursday June 28th!

Jun 21, 2018
Jun 24, 2018
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

His Final Meeting as the 2017-2018 President

Jun 28, 2018

Her First Meeting as the 2018-2019 President

Jul 05, 2018

Jul 12, 2018

Jul 19, 2018

Jul 26, 2018