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We have been fortunate to have had some very capable Presidents during our short history. Here are our past, and current, Presidents:

            2001-2002            Bill Hammond (Charter President)

            2002-2003            Margaret Nixon

            2003-2004            Frank Oudesluys

            2004-2005            Neil Mahnke

            2005-2006            Cynthia Walker

            2006-2007            Margaret Nixon

            2007-2008            Kevin Cahill

            2008-2009            Karen Dowell

            2009-2010            Celia Clark

            2010-2011            Frank Oudesluys

            2011-2012            Paul Moran

            2012-2013            Thomas Newby

             2013-2014           Brian Cowan

             2014-2015           Geoff Allen

             2015-2016           Bill Smith

             2016-2017           Richard Van Dyke

             2017-2018           Bruno Marziano

             2018-2019           Linda Main

             2019-2020           Debbie Allen

             2020-2021           Russ Powell

We are very grateful to them all for the leadership that they have shown to the Club.