2019 Camp Enterprise Experience
May 16, 2019
2019 Camp Enterprise Experience

Every year our Rotary Club sponsors at least 3 senior students from Bishop Macdonell high school to attend the 3 day residential program in Waterloo.

Camp Enterprise Golden Triangle is a cooperative effort between multiple Rotary Clubs in the ‘Golden Triangle’ region surrounding Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, Waterloo and Fergus. Selected students have the opportunity, at no cost, to attend a 3 day immersive camp at the University of Waterloo about business and entrepreneurship. Students will get to attend keynote speaker lectures and participate in collaborative activities culminating in a business plan presentation at the end of camp.

We always look forward to hearing about the students' experiences and how the program will impact them going forward.

For more information go to the website  www.rotarycampenterprise.com