Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of our Charter (July 31, 2001)
20 weeks of "TBT" memories
Week #14 (October 28 2021)
    Terry Manning – a (then) 69 year old cyclist from Guelph, cycled 6,000 kilometers across North America with the tour group “America by Bicycle” to raise money for Guelph General Hospital’s ER Department.  He started his journey in Oregon June 16 2013 and ended 50 days later on August 5th in New Hampshire, raising $33,000 for the hospital.  Terry’s inspirational feat, along with a growing interest by the community in cycling as a whole, led to the idea of creating a family friendly cycling event in Guelph modeled very much after the “Tour de Grand” held annually in Cambridge.
    In 2014 our Rotary club partnered with our sponsor club, Guelph Trillium, and staff members from The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital to host the first "Tour de Guelph" in July 2014.  It has been held every year since then, growing in popularity and incorporating a variety of route lengths to satisfy all levels of riders, resulting in more than $500,000 being raised in support of both the Guelph General Hospital Foundation and Rotary projects. 
    In August 2014 we presented “Tour de Grand” organizer Don Pavey with the Paul Harris Fellow Award - the highest award that a Rotary Club can award to a non-Rotarian, acknowledging an individual’s efforts in making the world a better place.  Don’s guidance and hands on help were a major part of the success of the inaugural “Tour de Guelph” that raised $33,000 and all involved felt the influence of his years of experience.  
    Due to COVID-19 the Tour de Guelph was held completely virtual in 2020 and 2021. Instead of a one day event, participants were given a month to complete one of the routes on their own and fundraise online.  We anticipate being able to hold the one day in person event again in 2022.
    As part of our members’ commitment to supporting the needs of children in the community our club made a multi-year financial commitment to the Westwood Public School Breakfast Program, total contribution of $13,500 from 2013 through 2016. Providing a nutritious breakfast helps children concentrate and learn more effectively. It is estimated that teachers gain about 30 minutes a day in effective teaching time. Plus, breakfast programs improve attendance and test scores and lead to fewer dropouts. Good nutrition also leads to better academic performance, and better prospects. In 2014 the school fielded a 3-person team in the "Grate Groan-Up Spelling Bee" and won the “Best Team Spirit” prize!   
The organizing team for the inaugural  (2014) Tour de Guelph.
Rotarian Hazel Dickie cycles her "route" during the virtual  (2020) Tour de Guelph
Some of the 90+ volunteers that helped make the inaugural Tour de Guelph such a success!
Russell Hampton
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