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This newly formed Committee has a mission to raise awareness of, and prevent, the crisis of Human Trafficking within our local and global community through action and education.
"Educate to Eradicate"   Watch this space for information on our upcoming speaker series.
July 27 2021, 7:00pm      Our first in the speaker series is July 27th at 7PM. The speaker is from the group CRY NOT.   CRY NOT is a volunteer organization formed by two recognized and respected groups within the Dufferin Caledon community. The Rotary Club of Orangeville and Compass Community Church were both moved to action when made aware of the threat of Human Trafficking in their area. Neither party felt qualified to undertake the involved follow-up work that can be required with Human Trafficking victims. Both parties however, did feel strongly about their ability to bring awareness of the threat, tactics, symptoms and resulting devastating personal effects of Human Trafficking to the greater Dufferin Caledon communities.  Both of the creating parties of CRY NOT realize that working with others can be more effective than individually, so they have come together as CRY NOT, short for COMPASS ROTARY YOUTH – NO TRAFFICKING