Posted by Linda Main on Sep 13, 2023
Together We Can Stop Human Trafficking. The Lawn Signs have arrived. The time is now to take a stand and say you will no longer tolerate this heinous crime against our children, youth and young adults. You are now “being the change”! Please consider putting a sign on your lawn and place of business and being a part of this movement to start the change that needs to take place NOW! Email to order your sign. Signs are $10 each and to be used twice every year to bring awareness to our community. Thank you for your support!
This modern-day slavery is the fastest growing crime in Canada. It is a violation of one’s human rights causing immediate and long-term harm to its victims. In every city and town this despicable crime is able to thrive in the shadows and dark corners. It is time we take responsibility and do what we can to help free our children from this life of cruelty and abuse. It is the responsibility of very person to shine a light on the abusers and users of the innocent sufferers.