At our May 29th weekly meeting we had an opportunity to spend some time with Majors Wilbert and Bertha Abbott before they retire from their careers with the Salvation Army, most recently as pastors of the Guelph Citadel.  
Wilbert was a member of our Rotary Club from October 2009 through June 30th 2013.  At that point he and Bertha focused their efforts on preparing the Citadel for the transition to new leadership and, as of late, getting ready for their move back to their home in St. John's NFLD and retirement!

       (Rotarian Ann Caine, Wilbert Abbott, Bertha Abbott, and Rotarian Celia Clark - May 29th 2014) 
     Wilbert and Bertha related to us how they came to meet more than 45 years ago and how they moved through the ranks in the Salvation Army through to their current posting in Guelph.  Retirement will allow them more time to spend with their 3 children and 7 grandchildren.
     Thank you to Wilbert and Bertha for their service to our Rotary Club and our community....enjoy your well-deserved retirement!