Posted on Jul 02, 2024
Effective July 1 2024 Food4Kids Guelph unified its services with the operations of the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington for a more coordinated approach to their programs, and became known as the "Keep Kids Fed At Home" program, continuing to bridge the weekend and holiday gap.  Food4Kids Guelph was originally a project developed and managed for the past 5 years primarily by Guelph Rotarians.  It involved a great deal of volunteer time and effort, and all those volunteers - including many from our Rotary club - deserve our thanks for how successful the program became.
Fun fact:  Our own Hazel Dickie was a member of the Rotary Club of Guelph when she came and spoke to our club in 2017 on a project that she had become aware of on a trip out west.  It was called the "Backpack Project" and Hazel's talk planted the seed for what could be done locally to address the issue of food insecurity outside of school hours for some children in Guelph. Subsequently in 2018 Rotarians from 3 of the Guelph clubs joined forces to fundraise and create Food4Kids Guelph. 
What an amazing project it turned out to be!  THANK YOU to Hazel, Celia, Pete and all the other Rotarians and volunteers who made Food4Kids such a success and addressed a growing need in our community in such a short period of time.
       (Mar 22 2018 - Food4Kids Guelph launch)