Posted on Feb 09, 2018
We were pleased to formally induct 2 new members at the February 8th weekly meeting:  Chris Pilgrim and Blaire Rennie.  

Chris is well known to our Club through his role as Pastor at the Guelph Salvation Army Citadel - he, along with wife Claudette, has lived a life of service and joining a Rotary Club to extend the reach of his service is a logical extension of that tradition.  We got to meet Blaire for the first time a year ago when she attended a meeting - she wasn't able to make a commitment to Rotary then but fortunately for us, she can now.  Blaire was described recently by a group that she spoke to as a "serial volunteer", with a strong non-profit, volunteer and fundraising background.
Membership Chair Frank Oudesluys welcomes  (above) Chris Pilgrim with sponsor Ann Caine (below) Blaire Rennie with sponsor Andreas Hug