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Rotary Club of Guelph South wants to bring a little happiness to you, your friends and your loved ones with our Give a Rotary Smile Custom Caricature Fundraising Program!



This unique and innovative fundraiser is brand new to our Club. With everything that is happening around us locally and abroad, we thought what better way to bring a little bit of joy to you, your loved ones, friends and colleagues than with a visual reminder to stop and take time to smile. Every time you take a look at these creative but so true-to-life caricatures you will! 



These custom caricature drawings are a perfect way to celebrate any special occasion. Order one for yourself or give them as gifts to friends and loved ones. You can choose to showcase one, two or three faces in your drawing. Not only will you have a  memorable piece of art to last a lifetime but with your purchase you will also be supporting our Charitable Foundation. 



We’ve partnered with internationally-acclaimed caricature artist, Ben Percic, to draw your custom caricature. Ben has graciously donated his time and extended a special price to support this program.



For more than 20 years Ben has been working as a professional artist creating humorous illustrations and paintings that have been published and purchased by satisfied customers from around the world. During this time he has provided live traditional and digital caricature entertainment services to a wide variety of corporate and private clients. At trade shows, conventions, wedding receptions and other events, he has brought his personable and professional style to entertain guests with his caricature art skills. 



Ben brings his experience drawing custom caricatures from photos to this special event. 

When you submit your photos, the caricatures are created on a digital tablet using a digital pen.  A rough sketch is drawn initially – placing the face(s) within the template. The line work is then finalized, with details, shading and colour added next. 

The final custom caricature drawing is saved as a hi-res file for you to download and share with your friends and family by email or on social media. You can print, frame and showcase your drawing in your home or office. Your drawing will also feature the Rotary Club of Guelph South logo, letting those who see your picture know that you given a smile to support our local and international charitable initiatives.

Choose 1, 2 or 3 faces for your Custom Caricature

What people are saying about their Custom Caricature

"WOW! We both LOVE our caricatures and proudly support this important fundraising program of the Rotary Club of Guelph South."

- Lisa Richards & Brent Freeman
(Morning Team at Magic 106.1)


"I love my caricature and have it mounted on my office wall. There isn’t one person passing by my foyer that doesn’t laugh and comment on what a great gift my friend gave me for Christmas!”

-Dan Hicks, Lawyer

"My wife Lindsay and I received this as a baby shower gift from my mom. As soon as baby arrives, we'll order another one to feature the three of us - mom, dad and baby!"

-Chris & Lindsay Persson

"When the Rotary Club of Guelph South reached out to me for support, I immediately said I'd love to. This is such a worthwhile cause and I know it will be a success. With your purchase of this unique gift of a caricature for any occasion, you're supporting local community organizations and international charities. Good luck and we at Bisson Dentistry will do everything we can to spread the word and help this become a huge success!"

- Andre Bisson, Bisson Dentistry


  1. Upload your finished drawing to Staples or other printing place of your choice
  2. Add "lamination" to your order for printing - this protects the picture indefinitely and it is non reflective once inside the frame 
  3. Printing usually takes only a couple of days. The cost, depending on the size you choose, can be as little as $6.
  4. Take your printout to Homesense or IKEA (great prices for frames) or other framing place of your choice and select a frame. We suggest one with a nice wide white matte - at least 4" margins. 
  5. Voila! you are done! The framing of each caricature picture should not exceed $20-$30 for something classic and modern but, of course, you can go as extravagant on framing as you like.

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