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BRIAN COWAN Jan 24, 2019
Rotary - Canada to Scotland Curling Tour 2018
Rotary - Canada to Scotland Curling Tour 2018

The Tour is a friendship tour where we hope to renew existing friendships and to establish new friendships. The Scottish Rotarians welcome the Canadian Rotarians into their homes and introduced them to their family and friends as we do when the Tour comes to Canada every fourth year.

The tour has evolved over the years and is now comprised of 22 Rotary curlers. In 2008, the first lady Rotarian joined the Scottish Tour Team and then in 2010, two lady Rotarians joined the Canadian Tour Team. Over the years the Tour has achieved legendary status as a test of skill and stamina and has been called the “trip of a lifetime”. It has been responsible for building strong friendships with team mates and with Rotary hosts. It really is a magical combination of Rotary and Curling fellowship. Friendly but very competitive curling is part of the tour and every game is hard fought with trophies and bragging rights on the line.

Rotary clubs in Scotland and Canada have supported the Tour financially and have made the commitment to supply hosts and curlers for future tours. In return for that support, each of these clubs has the right to send a curler on a subsequent tour. However, all Rotarian curlers who have hosted a Touring Scot are eligible for the tour.

Those that have participated will never forget the hospitality received and the friendships made.

LYNNE McCURDY Jan 31, 2019
Better Hearing in Education for Northern Youth (BHENY) Project Update
Better Hearing in Education for Northern Youth (BHENY) Project Update

Lynne is BHENY’s Project Leader. She has been an Audiologist for 26 years, and is a member of Rotary Club of Guelph.  The goal of the Better Hearing in Education for Northern Youth (BHENY) is to help children and youth with hearing loss, beginning in 13 under serviced communities in the Qikiqtani region of Nunavut.  Bheny aims to address hearing loss at home, at school and in the community by focusing on:

  • Enhancing audiology services  We hope to increase access to audiology services, such as by implementing remote hearing aid programming, enhance collaboration with southern audiology services (where many children are currently seen). and provide access to loaner hearing aids for children to use when their own hearing aids need to be sent for repair
  • Improving hearing at school with personal FM systems, sound field systems in schools and professional development and support for teachers.  This includes developing a teacher Virtual Resource Centre to provide technical support for hearing technology
  • Improving learning at school by using the Virtual Resource Centre for professional development for classroom teachers and Student Support Teachers through webinars, virtual resources, and professional learning communities
  • Developing community partnerships to help everyone learn more about hearing loss, and how to help individuals with hearing loss in the community.
PASTA DINNER - FEBRUARY 8th Feb 07, 2019
Final Preparations
Final Preparations

The organizing team for the 17th Annual "Taste of Italy Pasta Dinner" to benefit Sunrise Therapeutic Riding & Learning Centre (as well as other worthwhile Rotary projects) will use this meeting to do any last minute planning necessary for the event to be held the next evening at the Puslinch Community Centre.

JERUSHIA ALLIN, Program Manager Feb 14, 2019
Community of Hearts
Community of Hearts

Founded in 2012, Community of Hearts is a not-for-profit in Guelph supporting adults with developmental exceptionalities to achieve success in curriculum-based quality programming, build self confidence and become more engaged in our community as they grow and learn. Program content teaches three pillars of Self-Awareness, Self-Management & Self-Advocacy/Expression to ensure participants achieve the level of independence they desire.

For more information, check out their website https://communityofhearts.ca

Yorklands Green Hub, Guelph
Yorklands Green Hub, Guelph
To create for Ontario’s public domain a self-sustaining education, demonstration, and research eco-sustainability hub at the provincially owned former Guelph Correctional Centre (GCC).
To gather endorsements from Ontario residents, businesses & organizations for the Yorklands Green Hub initiative to send to the Province of Ontario.
The City of Guelph and the Province of Ontario and its citizens will be recognized as world leaders in the development and implementation of resilient and sustainable ecological, social and economic innovations related to:

Local Food Production & Security
Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection
Energy and Transportation
Water & Resource Conservation
Job Creation and Economic Benefit

Growth of current and emerging businesses and creation of employment opportunities in the environmental and sustainability sectors.
Preservation of the unique cultural and natural heritage of the GCC lands through adaptive reuse.
Diffusion of local, sustainable and affordable food initiatives throughout Ontario.
Creation of educational demonstrations to help citizens and businesses choose low impact and carbon neutral alternatives.
Establishment of a collaborative cluster of green businesses & organizations.
Increased engagement of citizens in building strong, resilient, safe and inclusive communities.
Proposed new Corporate Membership
Proposed new Corporate Membership
The Village of Arbour Trails
The Village of Arbour Trails

Nick will update us on the retirement living options available at the Village of Arbour Trails.

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TBA Mar 21, 2019
TBA Mar 28, 2019