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Yorklands Green Hub, Guelph
Yorklands Green Hub, Guelph
To create for Ontario’s public domain a self-sustaining education, demonstration, and research eco-sustainability hub at the provincially owned former Guelph Correctional Centre (GCC).
To gather endorsements from Ontario residents, businesses & organizations for the Yorklands Green Hub initiative to send to the Province of Ontario.
The City of Guelph and the Province of Ontario and its citizens will be recognized as world leaders in the development and implementation of resilient and sustainable ecological, social and economic innovations related to:

Local Food Production & Security
Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection
Energy and Transportation
Water & Resource Conservation
Job Creation and Economic Benefit

Growth of current and emerging businesses and creation of employment opportunities in the environmental and sustainability sectors.
Preservation of the unique cultural and natural heritage of the GCC lands through adaptive reuse.
Diffusion of local, sustainable and affordable food initiatives throughout Ontario.
Creation of educational demonstrations to help citizens and businesses choose low impact and carbon neutral alternatives.
Establishment of a collaborative cluster of green businesses & organizations.
Increased engagement of citizens in building strong, resilient, safe and inclusive communities.
Proposed new Corporate Membership
Proposed new Corporate Membership
The Village of Arbour Trails
The Village of Arbour Trails

Nick will update us on the retirement living options available at the Village of Arbour Trails.

Goodbye Party for Dianne
Goodbye Party for Dianne
JOHN DENNIS Mar 21, 2019
Guelph Tool Library
Guelph Tool Library

John Dennis is the Coordinator of the Guelph Tool Library.  

The Guelph Tool Library is a lending library of tools where you can borrow tools for food preparation, food preservation, gardening, renovation, arts, etc.

By purchasing a $40.00 annual membership you can have access to its full inventory and can borrow up to 10 tools for a period of one week. Membership can be purchased through the "Sign Up" section of their website (guelphtoollibrary.org) or in person at the Guelph Tool Library during opening hours.

Some other projects of the Guelph Tool Library are Repair Cafes, which are run bi-monthly as well as a wide variety of workshops and training sessions. We are always looking for new ways to collaborate with the community.

NICOLE GRECO Manager, Membership Services Mar 28, 2019
Guelph Nighthawks Professional Basketball Club
Guelph Nighthawks Professional Basketball Club

Nicole is the Manager of Membership Services for the new Guelph team in the Canadian Elite Basketball League.  Nicole joined us at our December meeting where we assembled gift bags for Chalmers Community Services and shoeboxes for the Guelph Shoebox Project.

The following is the message from the President of the new club, from their website (www.thenighthawks.ca):

“Basketball is the second-fastest growing sport in Canada, and in Guelph the Nighthawks have a unique opportunity to support the growth of the game at a community level. The Guelph Nighthawks Professional Basketball Club are firm believers that the only way to find success is through the development of the game at a grassroots capacity throughout the community. You will find the entire Nighthawk family will be active members within the city, sharing our resources, building our community and coming together as one around the game of basketball.

Game nights will be an experience like no other in Guelph. We’ll invite you to come downtown early, wear your Nighthawk colours, enjoy one of the many restaurant patios, peruse some of the shops and partake in the vibrancy of downtown Guelph. Once inside the Sleeman Centre these athletes will not only put on an incredible show, but your night will be built around an evening’s worth of memorable entertainment for both the ardent basketball fan and those looking for an entertaining and affordable night out with their family.

We look forward to building and growing Guelph Nighthawks basketball together, with you, as we lead to tip-off in May, 2019.

Cameron Kusch, President
Guelph Nighthawks Professional Basketball Club”


Carborca Mexico Literacy Project
Carborca Mexico Literacy Project
Frank will update the club on the recent trip taken in February 2019 by District 7080 Rotarians (including himself and Club President Linda Main) to Mexico to join Rotarians from other clubs to do polio immunizations plus other projects:
Caborca Mexico District 7080 Field Work
Reading Centres for Caborca Elementary Schools
It has been determined that 42% of children are below minimum reading and comprehension proficiency. This project proposes to place a reading “bunko” in each elementary school in Caborca in a multi-year project. A bunko contains book shelves, 200 books, rug and cushions as a reading place. 80% of the funds are for the books themselves. It is proposed to install 5 bunkos per year at $12,500 USD for 5 years. This totals a little over $60K USD and would reach a student population of over 7,000.
TBA Apr 11, 2019
TBA Apr 18, 2019
TBA Apr 25, 2019
TBA May 02, 2019
TBA May 09, 2019
2019 Camp Enterprise Experience
2019 Camp Enterprise Experience

Every year our Rotary Club sponsors at least 3 senior students from Bishop Macdonell high school to attend the 3 day residential program in Waterloo.

Camp Enterprise Golden Triangle is a cooperative effort between multiple Rotary Clubs in the ‘Golden Triangle’ region surrounding Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, Waterloo and Fergus. Selected students have the opportunity, at no cost, to attend a 3 day immersive camp at the University of Waterloo about business and entrepreneurship. Students will get to attend keynote speaker lectures and participate in collaborative activities culminating in a business plan presentation at the end of camp.

We always look forward to hearing about the students' experiences and how the program will impact them going forward.

For more information go to the website  www.rotarycampenterprise.com 

TBA May 23, 2019
TBA May 30, 2019
Peter Clark Jun 06, 2019
2019-2020 Budget Presentation
TBA Jun 13, 2019
Tour de Guelph
President Linda's Final Meeting Jun 27, 2019